It's all about communication

You have a message, a story but finding the words can be difficult. 

I’m here to bridge the gap. 

To take your intentions and communicate them to your readers. 

I’m all about research. 

There’s a wealth of misinformation amongst the interested layperson and the field of psychology. Finding ways to communicate complex ideas to a wider audience is my speciality. 

You need content that is informative, meaningful, and empowering.

You want to build authority and trust through that content.

I’m here to make that happen.  

Okay, you still want to know more about me, fine fine…

Hi, I'm Peter

I’ve always loved writing and after studying psychology I bridged these two passions by writing articles for online publications. 

This started my content writing speciality, focusing on communicating psychological research to the every day person. 

It was important to make my writing both engaging and informative, so I spent a lot of time studying marketing theories. This was focused around SEO and copywriting, two parts to the whole content creation process.

You need content that can rank and SEO is important for this. I actively keep up with algorithm changes and aim to include SEO in an organic and natural manner. 

Content can be highly informative but equally boring, copywriting is all about engagement and leading readers to an end result. I follow these practices to maintain that readership. 

It’s the combination of these practices that drives success and my work ethic means I’m always looking to improve my craft. 

This includes continued study and involvement within the psychological community. I retain my membership with the British Psychological Society and I am now pursuing a Masters in Neuroscience.

I am very interested in the use of technology within therapy and intend to continue on from my Masters to a PhD that connects all of these factors.