Bridging the gap between you and the
science of Psychology

Are you in need of beautiful content? Informative storytelling? writing that sells?

Are you a stressed out therapist trying to build trust with your clients and have your website rank higher in search?

Or perhaps you’re just an overworked blogger who’s grown to the point where you need to outsource.

You might have had that great idea for an e-book but need a writer to bring it to life.

No matter your needs, I’ve got you covered.

Whether it’s a one off star piece, an ongoing series of content or even a full on book, I can write for you.

I offer both bylined work and ghostwriting services.

Hi, I'm Peter

A perfectionist by nature and slightly obsessive when it comes to psychology.

I studied psychology with the intention of pursuing therapeutic practice. However, I fell in love with research and so combined it with my passion for writing to start my freelance services. 

I take a scientific, researched based approach to understanding your business, customers and of course the information you want to convey. 

I’ll write beautiful content that informs in an accurate and compelling manner. I’ve developed a strong background in SEO and copywriting so can also give your content the best chance of being found. 

Why work with me?


Start with the big picture and work down to the smallest detail. Good content comes from thorough research. 

My goal is to understand you, your story and of course, your customers. I always look for the complete picture to create content that matches your needs and delivers results.


I’m obsessively proactive and will work tirelessly to complete your project. I don’t settle for mediocre so you can be sure I’ll deliver on all promises. 

You can also sleep easy because I don’t do late and you don’t need to chase me. Whatever targets we set, I’ll hit. 


I’m passionate about this work as I’m sure you are. I love talking about it and will be able to provide a new perspective for you. 

This is a collaboration, a way to bring out the voice your business needs and something for you to have fun with. 

Don't waste any more time